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January 5th, 2007

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07:19 am - icons again...
icons again... 
so i finally got my lazy ass up and attempt to make some more(a few) icons!! they're for my viewing pleasure and experimenting only so i don't care if anyone takes them or anything.

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finally got this one done!! i was re-doing it because i kept making mistakes in the process>_>*sucks* gifs are hard, man T_T   oh, and thanks to purawareta_mado for being so generous to share her deathgaze scans~

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hmm..i dunno...just a random one to experiment around with? 

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Asanao!!*hugs him* he's such an interesting person. It's my default pic right now (- . -)v 

yeah, made three only, so that's it for now (' - ')/

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icons again... - circus of despair

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