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July 9th, 2007

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05:52 am - The GazettE BURIAL APPLICANT PV analysis =v=
I was readingindra2013-san's BURIAL APPLICANT PV analysis today (yesterday in fact) and ended up writing one myself (=v=). Turned out that it's a pretty deep PV....  So I'm x-posting it here as it really took me some time to think all over and type em out.  Oh, and be warned that you might get disturbed as this is somewhat...dark and twisted. Don't read if you might get offended easily.

The following is copied from my comment onindra2013-san's post (Sorry to her that I used her comments space. I didn't even know I'll be typing up an analysis when I was replying to her post = =)

I'll start off with the boy's point of view. First, the parents are giving presents, celebrating the boys birthday. Yet you can see that they are being sarcastic during the celebration. For example, when the father handed Michael the rifle, he looks like he wanted to fire it towards Michael.
The scene is probably a reflection to the real world, parents drop their own child to the baby hatch/orphanage, and yet they have to force themselves to pretend they still love the child while thinking that their child drags them down; wanting their child to disappear from the world so that they can live a life they wanted to. Just like how "Die for me" is the message given to Michael by his parents on that picture book present and the family photo where his face was erased with black marker. His parents didn't want Michael to exist or on the other hand wanted him to disappear.

And, of course, seeing all this makes Michael hate his parents like how any abandoned child from the baby hatch would hate theirs. Thus, given the rifle from his father kind of resembles that it's the parents' responsibility that the child would hate the parents, or even so deeply hated that it's become a motive to kill them.

Finally, the scene where the mother was clutching the photo and crying, along with the scene where she quarreled with the father in the woods resembles the parent's side of the story. Something that often happens in the real world, especially around baby hatches and orphanages. Father didn't want the child, mother gets into a fight with the father, but finally gives in and felt guilty after abandoning the child.

So my conclusion is that either the parents burying Michael or Michael burying his parents are both probably illusions after all. Or rather symbols.
Parents burying Michael: Abandonment.
Michael burying the parents and firing the rifle given from his father: The hatred of an abandoned child given from the parents.

(note: This analysis is based on Ruki's statement that the song concept of Burial Applicant is based on Japan's baby hatches, and in general about the abandonment of responsibility of women with newborn babies. Read more about it atindra2013's journal orridetherockers.)

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The GazettE BURIAL APPLICANT PV analysis =v= - circus of despair

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